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“Elit P” EOOD
Plovdiv city, st. “Dilyanka” 2A

+359 32 966 880
+359 878 997 949
+359 878 991 526

Which are the beneficial effects of dried fruits?

Published on: 27 Sep, 2021

Staying in good shape and maintaining robust health is some people's number one goal, and fruits provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to achieve just that. But it is not enough to consume only one type of fruit. According to a number of studies, variety is the best way to gain all the beneficial effects.

However, eating various fruits regularly can be rather difficult. One of the main reasons is that they are not available throughout the whole year, as every season offers its own gifts. Furthermore, many people find constant trips to the grocery store inconvenient.

That is why there is an alternative which definitely serves a good purpose. Choosing dried fruits, you will be beyond impressed and, most of all, content. Besides being convenient, they owe their popularity to the many benefits they bring to your body, and today we will present them to you.

What are their health benefits?

Dried fruits can be added to thousands of recipes, including cakes and pies. How healthy are they actually? It is all relative and, to a great extent, it depends on who you ask. For low-carb diets, they are seen as a sugar bomb, whereas nutritionists confirm dried fruits play a key role in achieving a balanced diet.

Raisins, prunes, dried figs, etc. have become a popular and better alternative to sweets. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, these yummy treats are a powerful nutrient bomb, which is not to be neglected.

However, they should be consumed in smaller portions than fresh fruits, so it is easy to go over the limit and unintentionally consume more than the recommended amount in one sitting. Furthermore, some manufacturers deliberately add more sugar for a stronger taste.

As a whole, energy foods have higher values, contributing to the following benefits:

  • Diabetes prevention and control.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Eliminating signs of depression and anxiety.
  • Improving digestion.

We could bet that after all these insights you just can't wait to buy yourself a package. In stores, you can get them in two wayseither from a bulk package by the pound, or in a ready-to-buy package. No matter what you choose, the benefits will be present either way, so you don't have to worry about it.

If you choose a ready-to-buy package, be sure to trust Elit Nuts. They are the best on the market, and there are good reasons for this. For more information about their products, visit their website:

How are dried fruits made?

The process is extremely simple, but before we present it to you, let's go back to the very beginning. This type of food has existed for thousands of years in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Dates are one of the oldest types to be regularly consumed by people at that time.

Their dried form is achieved through extracting water from the fruits using an ancient technique known as sun drying, or a special machine called dehydrator. As the water is removed while drying, it also means that the natural sugars in them become concentrated.

Today, dried fruits are produced in most parts of the world and their consumption can be seen in every culture and demographic. In some countries, the daily production exhibits dramatic figures, as some fruits reach up to 1,000 tones.

Their wide distribution quickly found its way into the sugar confectionery and bakery industries. Traditional food factories use them in variety of sauces, garnishes, and even in foods for infants and children.

Consuming dried fruits will definitely add some sweetness to your hectic day. The most popular consumer choices usually feature raisins, figs, dates and apricots. You may also find dried mango, pineapple or wild berries, but usually they contain added sugar.

Ingredients and nutrition values of Elit's dried fruits

As already mentioned, once you choose Elit for your main provider, you won't need to worry about a thing. Their products are undoubtedly among the most delicious and safe for your health on the market. Visiting Elit's interactive website, you can see the vast range of available products.

Every product had been tested in order to prove its quality and standard. Whether fresh or dried, fruits are quite nourishing. By the way, both types are packed with vitamins, fibres and minerals. The process of drying, however, makes nutrients and calories much more highly concentrated than usual.

To give you an idea, for example a plum has 30 calories, while a prune has 23 calories. Looking at their values it may seem that the former is the better choice. Compare their sizes though, and you'll start thinking differently.

Plums have lower energy density than their dried counterpart. This means that they have less calories compared to their size. Prunes, on the other hand, have high energy density and people who consume them are more prone to maintaining a healthy weight.

The comparison in reality

You can find the above-mentioned information on Elit's packaged goods. That is why we highly recommend that you waste no time and trust them today, because, in the end, you won't regret it even for a moment.

In only 100 g, you can find the following:

  • 359 g calories
  • 7 g fat
  • 1 g protein
  • 403 g sodium
  • 164 g phosphorus
  • 83 g carbohydrate

When comparing a plum with a prune or a single grape with a raisin, the content of beneficial components such as vitamins and minerals is not that different. Looking at things from a different angle, though, dried fruits are definitely the better source of nutrients.

After all, a cup of raisins is a much more powerful source of nutrients than a cup of grapes. Removing the water from them significantly increases their calorie content, but that shouldn't bother you, because it is within the norms.

How can stores benefit?

The right and sensible consumption of dried fruits is quite beneficial for the consumer. It will definitely help improve the overall health, yet not many people are fully aware of this. We recommend dried fruits as an alternative to supplements, as they are healthy and natural.

Many fruits can be dried, which is great, because fans will have a greater variety to choose from. Just like any food, it is important to eat them in moderation and not overconsume them. The rule "the more, the better" does not quite apply here.

To should also be noted, that you always want to consume natural dried fruits with no added sugar. If you don't know where to buy them, we can confidently say that you are in the right place. Elit Nuts have everything you need to boost your business and to keep your customers satisfied.

The only thing you need to do is place an order for the products you need. Visiting our delicacies category, which is our main topic of conversation, you will find a vast range. Among the top choices are dates with stones and goji berry.

Their taste is captivating and the package size is more than enough to keep you full and in perfect health. Encourage your customers to take ownership of their health and practice self-care. Still, Elit Nuts will always be there for you, providing you with nothing but the best products.