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“Elit P” EOOD
Plovdiv city, st. “Dilyanka” 2A

+359 32 966 880
+359 878 997 949
+359 878 991 526

Benefits of roasted cashew

Published on:27 Sep, 2021

A popular ingredient in many Indian sauce recipes, as well as in dishes of many other cultures around the world, is the known by all cashew nut. This plant is originally from the faraway lands of Brazil and is known for its high content of minerals.

Transferred to India by merchants , the ancient cashew tree usually reaches exceptional height, despite its amorphous and strange-looking trunk. Large and juicy fruits hang from its branches, and the loved-by-all nut is found on their bottom part.

When stored properly, its expiry period is exceptionally long. In reality, the two parts have a remarkable number of applications. Irrespective of its ridiculously high prices in stores, some time ago cashew was considered a poor man's plant.

It is customarily used for preparing delicious and hearty dishes, or consumed raw or roasted. Contrary to popular belief about weight gain, a good amount of cashews in your diet can actually deliver a number of health benefits. And today we will introduce you to some of them.

Ingredients and nutritional value

In spite of being referred to as “tree nuts” and being essentially comparable with them, cashews are literally seeds. They are rich in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds, and that is why they are a healthy addition to any dish.

As most nuts, they can also yield a number of benefits to the overall human health. The benefits are associated with positive effects such as:

  • weight-loss.
  • maintenance of blood sugar levels.
  • heart strengthening.

28 g of raw unsalted cashews will give consumers the following:

  • 157 g calories
  • 5 g protein
  • 122 g fat
  • 9 g carbohydrates
  • 1 g fibre and many more

These are only some of the great values you get immediately after the first handful. Much to the surprise of many, the low quantity of sugar, as well as the protein, is similar to that of boiled meat.

Moreover, they contain considerably high levels of copper and minerals which are essential for energy production, healthy brain development, and, foremost, for a strong immune system. Don't forget that bones also benefit from this, so waste no time and treat yourself to a healthy snack today.


Which are their health effects?

Diets that are rich in nuts show that they boost heart health. This applies to cashews as well, as theyoffer many benefits for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Still, we need more extensive research before drawing any serious conclusions.

But one thing is for sure – cashews are easy to include in your diet, as they make a perfect breakfast on the go, either raw or roasted. They are a perfect option when travelling or hiking.

Moreover, their regular consumption may help avoid blood diseases. This is due to their high levels of copper, which is essential for eliminating free radicals in your body.

Technology of roasting cashew

This type of food is most often roasted for better aroma, crispy texture and taste. As a whole, roasting means cooking using the so called “dry heat”, which roasts evenly from all sides. Most of them are exposed to this process without their shell, excluding pistachios.

Cooking methods are sometimes used to separate the shells. This is a commonly used method for processing cashews and the reason why they are hardly ever sold raw.

Roasting may be done in two ways:

  • Dry roasting – without any oil, in an oven or in a pan.
  • Roasting with butter or oil, in a pan or an oven.

Surprisingly, a third option in addition to these two is cooking them in the microwave. On the other hand, roasting has a major impact on their integrity. If you roast them by yourself, keep a low temperature, around 140°С, and roast them for 15 minutes, until you reach the desired colour.

If you go to a store, you have the chance to buy them ready for consumption. If you love cooking, though, we encourage you to try preparing them yourself.

How can stores benefit?

After all, regardless of whether they are cooked or raw, cashews provide amazing health benefits. Both types contain similar levels of protein, calories, fibre and carbohydrates.

So, if you run a food store and are wondering what to get in order to boost your sales, nuts are the way to go, cashews in particular. It is the ultimate snack, loved by both adults and children. Your clients will be happy.

And the best products you can find on our website: Here, you will find a vast assortment of nuts, much loved by all. For more information or potential partnership with us use the contacts shown in the designated menu.